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July 1st 2024: Bitcoin’s price on July 1, 2024, stands at $62,769, with a 24-hour intraday price range of $61,261 to $63,694. The cryptocurrency’s market capitalization is $1.23 trillion, and the 24-hour trade volume is $21.98 billion.

June 18th 2024: What is the easiest loan to get with bad credit? Obtaining a loan with bad credit can be challenging, but there are several types of loans that are more accessible to individuals with less-than-perfect credit. Here are some of the easiest options to consider.

May 31st 2024: Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has recently stirred optimism in the crypto community with his bold predictions regarding crypto ETFs. During Consensus 2024, Garlinghouse expressed confidence that XRP, Solana, and Cardano are next in line for U.S. regulatory approval, following the recent nod for the Spot Ethereum ETF by the SEC.

May 16th 2024: 11300 USDT payment proof added,Bitpanda GmbH, a Vienna-based fintech company, has recently anticipated its profit to reach record highs in 2024, nabbing global attention.

April 25th 2024: The tax authorities of Australia and Indonesia have signed a memorandum of understanding to share information on cryptocurrency. Under this agreement, both entities will exchange data on crypto assets and share knowledge to ensure adherence to tax obligations.

April 15th 2024: The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has given the green light to several spot bitcoin and ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs), a move that signals substantial progress in the region’s crypto market, with approvals awarded to China Asset Management, Bosera Capital, and Hashkey Capital Limited, and an in-principle approval for Harvest Global Investments.

April 3rd 2024: Top 4 USDT investment platform and 4 Most Trusted Bitcoin Investment Sites,Diversify your portfolio by investing in real estate, art, legal and more asset classes.

March 15th 2024: The Michael Saylor-led software company MicroStrategy has upsized its planned convertible senior notes offering from $500 million to $525 million.

March 1st 2024: our site use New Domain:

February 20th 2024: Ethereum price has hiked by 20% in the last week and is constant on that. It might cross the $3k mark anytime soon with the ongoing bullish path. The crypto market is in the greed zone with a score of 75, and popular cryptocurrencies are bullish, including Ethereum. Ethereum is closer to $3k, and analysts predict the $3500 mark with the peaking trading volume in the last 30 days.

January 11th 2024: A new btc payment proof listed,Bitcoin price remained in a range above the $45,000 support. BTC failed to climb higher above the $48,000 resistance despite approval of spot ETF.

December 28th 2023: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members.

December 12th 2023: El Salvador is set to make history with the launch of the world’s first Bitcoin bonds, tentatively scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.

December 2nd 2023: As the price of BTC approaches $40,000, we accept a minimum investment of 0.001 BTC today. Customers can invest 0.001 BTC and will receive 0.068 BTC in 5 days.Invest Here.

November 25th 2023: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is making its entry into the bitcoin mining sector. In a recent declaration by Phoenix Group PLC, a bitcoin mining enterprise, it was revealed that the company successfully garnered $370 million through an initial public offering (IPO) that was highly sought after, achieving a 33-fold oversubscription.

November 12th 2023: 3.37Bitcoins payment sent to a El Salvador investor,Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has fallen victim to a major hack, leading to an estimated loss of around $114 million, according to available on-chain data.

November 6th 2023: In the past week, the S&P 500 experienced a significant increase, causing it to outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to Santiment’s trend analysis, the S&P 500 gained over 6% in value within just four days.

October 26th 2023: 2.08 Bitcoins payment sent to a Ireland investor, Bitfinex Securities steps into a novel phase of financial solutions by announcing its first tokenized bond, ALT2611.

October 22th 2023: Crypto Loans by CoinEx is introduced as an instrument for short-term liquidity needs that allows users to borrow cryptos for trading, investment or withdrawal by collateralizing one or more types of other crypto assets, thereby increasing the liquidity and utilization of personal funds.

October 14th 2023: Mastercard's latest innovation allows CBDCs to seamlessly operate across multiple blockchains, offering users enhanced security.

October 2nd 2023: KuCoin’s user assets of BTC and ETH registered a decline over the last few weeks. However, both cryptos kicked off their bull rallies. Is the KuCoin decrease an anomaly?

September 22th 2023: 4.1 Bitcoins payment sent to a Korea investor, CoinShares, a European crypto investment firm, has launched a new hedge fund aimed at qualified U.S. investors as part of the company’s strategy to expand its geographical coverage.

September 4th 2023: According to a recent survey by the blockchain software company Consensys, people in Asia and Africa are more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies over the next year.

September 3rd 2023: Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo went through a lie detector test to answer various questions about soccer and teased his plans to release more nonfungible token (NFT) collections in the future.

August 14th 2023: Coca Cola Introduces New NFT Collection on Coinbase Blockchain,Our Company plan to buy.

July 26th 2023: 1 Bitcoin payment proof added . PacWest shares crashed 27% before recovering on a rescue acquisition by the smaller Banc of California.

July 16th 2023: our Investment plans will accept USDT (ERC20) deposit , min is $100.

July 6th 2023: Bitcoin enjoyed a keen price surge recently due to the buzz around the prospect of a Bitcoin ETF. In the space of a few days, it broke through the $30,000 mark after rallying by almost 25%.

June 30th 2023: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment. The layer 2 blockchain pioneered by Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange Coinbase has detailed the security testing taken ahead of its public launch later this year.

June 20th 2023: BC.Game has come out all guns blazing when it comes to its welcome offer. The platform is not just offering one deposit bonus but four! Taken together, these offer new users up to 780% in matched deposit bonuses.

June 7th 2023: Circle, the company that issues the USDC stablecoin, announced on Wednesday, June 7th, that it has received its Major Payment Institution (MPI) license for digital payment token services in Singapore.

May 31st 2023: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

May 20th 2023: Strike, currently operates in the U.S., Argentina and El Salvador. The push into new markets in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Caribbean would add a host of additional countries, from Antigua and Barbuda to Vanuatu and Zambia.

May 13th 2023: Bitcoin Price Analysis 05/13/2023: Price activity is nearest the 50-bar MA (4-hourly) at 28164 and the 50-bar MA (Hourly) at 27164.Technical Support is expected around 25885/ 25605/ 25095 with Stops expected below.Technical Resistance is expected around 31988/ 32986/ 34656 with Stops expected above.

April 28th 2023: Crypto Exchange Coinbase’s firm response to the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) was welcomed by the crypto trader community, as the industry’s face off with regulators in the United States intensifies.

April 10th 2023: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

March 13th 2023: BTC’s market cap has climbed to the 11th spot amongst top assets by market cap and now sits behind electric vehicle maker Tesla.

February 1st 2023: Due to domain name hijacking, our website uses a new domain name

January 25th 2023: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

January 1st 2023: Happy 2023 New Year to all members.

November 21th 2022: Congratulations on the official opening of the Doha World Cup, we bought 5 World Cup tickets to reward our staff.

November 3rd 2022: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.The American central bank said on Wednesday that the hike aims to curb inflation and the Fed says “recent indicators point to modest growth in spending and production.”

October 11th 2022: The Bank of England has signaled privately to bankers that it will continue quantitative easing. It has signaled that it may continue bond-buying to stave off the pensions crisis. The Bank of England originally intervened with bond-buying as several pension funds were at risk of default.

September 5th 2022: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

August 19th 2022: Investor Sentiment Drops as Cryptocurrency Market Loses $100 Billion,The cryptocurrency market has now faced another challenge. In the last day, bitcoin prices fell by around $2,000, causing the cryptocurrency market to lose a significant amount of value.

August 6th 2022: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

July 13th 2022: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

June 30th 2022: Our Investment Site listed on the Paying HYIPs on the Best HYIP Monitor.

June 21th 2022: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

June 12th 2022: New American Express credit card allows shoppers to earn cryptocurrency rewards tradable in over 100 cryptocurrencies.

May 26th 2022: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

May 18th 2022: One-Click Bitcoin Payments Are Now Available In 30 Countries,Countries in Africa have the opportunity to become global leaders by adopting Bitcoin and providing a pathway for innovation. All fiat leads to Bitcoin. Let's earn big bitcoin profits on Guaranteed Profit Investments.

May 5th 2022: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

April 17th 2022: the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced the launch of its own non-fungible token (NFT) initiative called “NBAxNFT.” According to the professional basketball league, the goal is to showcase “all things intersecting basketball and Web3, including NFTs, gaming, and the metaverse.” We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

April 1st 2022: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

March 13th 2022: The price of Bitcoin is in danger of falling as investors are funding short positions in Bitcoin by borrowing digital money from exchanges. Datamish shows that investors are underfunding, causing the value of Bitcoin to plummet,We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

February 24th 2022 : We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

February 2nd 2022: How this US bank will offer Bitcoin and Ethereum through the Bakkt platform.

January 13th 2022 : We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

December 17th 2021: Lending Platform Ledn Launches Bitcoin-Backed Mortgage Product and Raises $ 70 Million,This is a good fund borrowing platform, digital asset savings and credit platform Ledn.

December 1st 2021: The target of the Bitcoin Yield ETF employs a derivatives-based hedged call strategy to pay the monthly return to investors.We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

November 4th 2021: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

October 6th 2021: U.S. Bank Launches Crypto Custody Services Amid Strong Demand From Institutional Clients.

September 14th 2021: Democrats in the US House of Representatives want to close the tax loophole for crypto investors,We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment

August 19th 2021: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

July 26th 2021: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.Robinhood to Introduce Crypto Wallet as IPO Approaches.

June 10th 2021: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

May 3rd 2021: We add a new Perfect Money payment proof,Proof Payment.

March 29th 2021: We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

February 22th 2021: Our Payeer account was changed today, Because the number of investors using PAYEER investment is too small, we changed the minimum investment of PAYEER to $200.

July 29th 2020: our min deposit reduced to $50 and 0.005 btc today.

June 28th 2020: More than 10 million people worldwide have been infected with the new coronavirus. Our company donated 5000 medical masks and 100,000 US dollars of medical supplies to local institutions. we hope the epidemic can pass quickly.We wish you all health forever

June 10th 2020 : We add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.

May 4th 2020: Our site has been running steadily for 2 years. We already have more than 1,000 loyal members. In order to better serve customers and create profits for investors, we plan to close EXTREME PLAN in the next six months. Increase the minimum investment amount to $ 3000, so as to control the growth of our membership. We will not accept new investors when the number of our members reaches 2000, It is for protect the interests of our members. If you want to invest in our website, please participate in our project as soon as possible.we add a new bitcoin payment on our Payment Proof page today.



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